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" Our vision is to assist 5 000 + youths a year from disadvantaged families to achieve their college education goal, and this can only happen when you lend a helping hand "
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EACHI Strategy, 2020 – 2030

Our strategy is motivated by the african proverb that says "IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO RAISE A CHILD" – COVID-19 has put a havier burden on South African parents due to job losses thus preventing more families from affording an education for their children, we believe that together we can assist the less fortunate to achieve their educational goals and fight to eradicate the high levels of poverty that overshadow our country, we believe every individual wants to help, but not every one can afford to help, but together we can do more. Imagine a group of 50 Thousand individuals dedicated to donating R20 every month!!! imagine how many students fees you could be paying by what many would call pocket change. let us come together so that every child learns.

Education and Equaliity

In a society where the gap between the rich and the poor seems to be geting wider, education can be the steping stone and only hope for many to bridge that gap, as education opens up opportunities, education brings hope, and education restores dignity.

EACHI Annual Report.

We opperate on a transparacy policy, which is why any donor, sponsor or partner has the right to access monthly reports showing all students progress and expenditures, monitor your money, no rand goes unacounted for.


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Your donation can change a life, take the first step and sign up today.

Without you our Efforts to bridge the gap between the government funded institutions and none government funded institutions will

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Sponsors can opt to adopt a child by paying for a sigle childs educational expences.

Individuals or Companies can adopt a child or 2 under their care and take the responsibilty to pay for that particular childs college education.

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COVID-19 casts a new shadow over many Private Schools in SA

Despite hard work and dedication, many private institutions had to close their doors due to the affects of the Corona Virus.

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Greater in numbers, the more that give, more can be assisted.

Your commitment can assist over 5000+ students settle their college fees, the industry caters for over 90 000+ students a year.

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Education partnerships

As efforts to realize our targets and more, EACHI is forming educational partnerships whith different companies and educational establishments in the private sector, We forge partnerships with key development organizations in order to can create a world where every child learns.

Every child has the right to learn, but not every child has the means to learn, YOU can help fix this.
We forge partnershps with institutions that agree on cutting down fees to a certain amount in order for your donations to can assist as many kids as posible, we concetrate on study fields that are marketable in order to give our graduates a better chance in the market, and to quicken the jorney to self beterment and above all to reach our main goal of eradicating poverty through education.
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